Add a role for that organization

role object in the request body should have the following schema

interface Preset {
    permissions: {
        acceptWaitingRequests: boolean
        disableParticipantAudio: boolean
        disableParticipantScreensharing: boolean
        disableParticipantVideo: boolean
        kickParticipants: boolean
        pinParticipant: boolean
        allowRecording: boolean
    waitingRoom: 'skip' | 'skipOnPrivilegeduserEntry' | 'skipOnAccept'
    plugins: {
        close: boolean
        start: boolean
    produce: {
        video: boolean | { allow: boolean, quality: 'hd' | 'vga' | 'qvga', frameRate: number}
        audio: boolean
        screenshare: boolean | { allow: boolean, quality: 'full-hd' | 'hd' | 'vga', frameRate: number }
        polls: boolean
        chat: {
            text: boolean,
            files: boolean
        reactions: boolean
    flags: {
        hiddenParticipant: boolean
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