Add a preset for that organization

preset object in the Request body should have the following schema:

interface Preset {
  role: string,
  uiConfig: {
    waitingRoom?: {
      showSelf?: boolean
    controlBar?: boolean,
    controlBarElements?: {
      plugins?: boolean,
      screenShare?: boolean,
      share?: boolean,
      participants?: boolean,
      chat?: boolean,
      polls?: boolean,
      fullscreen?: boolean,
    header?: boolean,
    headerElements?: {
      clock?: boolean,
      title?: boolean,
      logo?: boolean,
      participantCount?: boolean,
    aloneHereElement?: boolean,
    logo?: string,
    colors?: {
      primary: string|[string, string, string, string],
      secondary: string|[string, string, string, string],
      textPrimary: string|[string, string, string, string],
      videoBackground: string,
    dimensions?: {
      width: number,
      height: number,
    grid?: {
      multi?: {
        maxVideoCount?: number,
        videoFit?: string
      single?: {
        maxVideoCount?: number,
        videoFit?: string
      defaultView?: string
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