Dyte Meeting View (DyteMeetingView)

The DyteMeetingView class is the entry point to the SDK. It a subclass of UIView which renders a full conference in the designated area.

Listening to events

In order to listen to events from your Dyte Meeting, there are two supported ways

  1. Using Delegates (recommended)
  2. Key value observation


Meeting Connected
- (void)meetingConnected;

Called when user connects to meeting

Meeting Disconnected
- (void)meetingDisconnect;

Called when meeting gets disconnected

Meeting Joined
- (void)meetingJoined;

Called when user joins meeting

Meeting Ended
- (void)meetingEnded;

Called when user leaves meeting or admin ends the meeting

Active Speaker
- (void)activeSpeaker:(NSString*)peerId;

Called When the active speaker changes

Participant Leave
- (void)participantLeave:(NSString*)peerId;

Called when Participant leaves the meeting

Participant join
- (void)participantJoin:(DyteParticipant*)participant;

Called when Participant joins meeting

Participant Update
- (void)participantUpdate:(DyteParticipant*)participant;

Called when participant properties are updated.