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Video on top of Video

Is it possible for user's video be on top of host's video with a much smaller size ?

How do I refresh a particiapnt token once it expires after 1 day?

Once I add a participant for a particular meeting, an auth token is generated which expires after 1 day. Do i need a new auth token to join the same meeting or I need to issue a new one? If I need to issue a new one, then how do I do it?

Is it possible for the React Native packages to support IOS 10?

Some of the suggested packages for ReactNative no longer support IOS 10. Unfortunately, this is a requirement for my builds. Can it be done?

Chess Plugin Customization

Team, Please let us know if the below customizations are possible in the chess plugin. 1. Ability to replay a game by feeding the moves into the board (Eg: By uploading a .pgn file into the board). 2. Ability to conduct a game between two participants selected by the host. Thanks.

Blank screen while using the dyte_client for Flutter version 0.0.19 on IOS simulator and iphone.

The flutter plugin doesn't work as expected. It just shows a blank screen. Flutter SDK: 2.0.1 Dart SDK version: 2.12.0 dyte_client: 0.0.19 Followed this doc: https://docs.dyte.in/docs/flutter-intro

Unable to start recording

When I start the recording using the API endpoint.... it says: { "id": "6e1c6c73-f49b-4f50-9a45-8b06ebcd7422", "downloadUrlExpiry": null, "outputFileName": "cmndly-iljfjl_1626692790723.mp4", "roomUUID": null, "downloadUrl": null, "errMessage": "Failed to load meeting", "status": "ERRORED", "startedTime": "2021-07-19T11:06:55.051Z", "stoppedTime": "2021-07-19T11:07:57.633Z" }

unable to disable audio on meeting joined event

Hey, I am trying to disable user's audio and video on meeting joined event but the audio is not getting disabled. (it actually does disable both the audio and the video but immediately enables back the audio). Below is my on meeting joined event - meeting.on(meeting.Events.meetingJoined, () => { meeting.self.disableAudio() meeting.self.disableVideo() }); Please let me know if im doing something wrong here

problem with changing ui config colors after the first time

Hey, I am loading the layout with two buttons that have meeting.updateUIConfig({ colors: { primary: '#f47f20', secondary: '#262626', textPrimary: '#EEEEEE', videoBackground: '#1A1A1A', } }); and meeting.updateUIConfig({ colors: { primary:'#f47f20', secondary:'#FFFFFF', textPrimary:'#262626', videoBackground:'#EEEEEE', } }); when i click the first one, it changes colors successfully. but then the second button doesn't work to apply its colors. tried doing the same thing in the react-integration-example project aswell. Please let me know if im doing it wrong or if theres some reset that needs to be called before changing colors again.

Is there a way to get participant role

Hey guys thanks for making the platform so feature rich. Love the work you are doing. I am building an app for our teaching platform on dyte and just wanted to ask a few questions: 1) Is there a way to get the role of each participant in the meeting. I can't seem to find anything such in the DyteParticipant object. 2) I can add context actions with meeting.addParticipantControl. But is there a way to filter these to show for certain user. So say i want the host be able to right click and "React :)" to Participant 1 but not even show that item when host right clicks on Participant 2 or Himself. Is that possible. 3) Is there a way i can remove some of the already listed plugins from the list 4) Is there a way to show a custom element (like a logo image) on the setup screen Thanks a lot!

Error while setting up dyte sdk on native

Screenshot of error attached -> ![Error](https://res.cloudinary.com/vigneshshettyin/image/upload/v1624950624/pfjsbmbmghotw49aum0k.png) Dependencies -> ![Error](https://res.cloudinary.com/vigneshshettyin/image/upload/v1624950624/pfjsbmbmghotw49aum0k.png) ![Error](https://res.cloudinary.com/vigneshshettyin/image/upload/v1624950837/inl8yg0cfl9tsvvwghvs.png) ![Error](https://res.cloudinary.com/vigneshshettyin/image/upload/v1624950864/o6qiqnrbstw69qmhabi0.png)